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When no one can understand

Here's part of a talk I gave on the Big Island of Hawaii for the opening of our new Ai Pono treatment program in Kamuela. I hope you enjoy it. "Invisible Forces" When no one can understand your eating disorder. There was once this man, who had black and white cattle....

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Thoughts Are Like Clouds

  I am here at Kalua Beach in Hawaii. And I’ve been sitting here, listening to the waves and watching the people and the dogs strolling down the beach. And watching the clouds as they float on by. I’ve also been watching my own inner landscape, noticing how much...

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Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast

Hello everybody, Join me in this discussion with Dr. Janean Anderson on The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast about finding meaning in the struggle with eating difficulties and finding joy in the recovery process. This podcast was done in two parts so listen to Part 1...

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