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The Light of the Moon Cafe’ is a place where those seeking freedom can come to heal their relationships with eating, food, and body image through online self-study and live courses

Based on the teachings from Dr. Anita Johnston’s best-selling book, Eating in the Light of the Moon, the Light of the Moon Café provides a feast of online healing experiences to deepen your understanding of your eating difficulties …so you can break free!

Come be inspired & supported on your journey of discovery & recovery!

Discover the Meaning Behind Your Food Cravings or Phobias!

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Light of the Moon Café Courses are based on 
Dr. Anita Johnston’s best-selling book, “Eating in the Light of the Moon”. 

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Here’s what people are saying:


Gain Light and Insight

“Reading and listening to Anita’s book Eating In The Light Of The Moon several times (and highly recommend it!) is so insightful. However, I found that doing this course and having assignments that correspond to the chapters really helped me to look at the chapters in a new light (so to speak). Amazing! “

KS, Virginia


“Anita is so inspiring and so passionate about her work and has so much compassion with everyone she works with and meets. Being able to hear Anita crack the food code with metaphors is so amazing …. she is so spot on with defining what you are truly craving for in your life. It is so cool to find out that the food I was either restricting or craving had to do with things in my life now or in my childhood that I wanted and/or needed but didn’t get. “


KC, North Carolina

Invitation to go deeper 

“Though my eating disordered behaviours had stopped several years ago this invaluable resource helped me to circle back to take a closer look at what was under those behaviours in the first place. In doing so I have experienced my present relationship to food, my body, and myself, to have been enriched and I have been invited to go deeper into my recovery mind, heart, body and soul. ”  

JK, British Columbia, Canada  

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