Heal your Relationship with Your Body and Reclaim Power of Feminine Energy


I was recently interviewed by Rachel and Tina on the Moms Genes Podcast.


 Mom’s nourish their families, but who nourishes the Mom? What does it mean for a Mom to emotionally nourish herself? Regardless of the nurturing you did or did not have growing up, all Moms need to develop a strong inner self that can nurture and nourish when times get stressful. We interview Anita Johnston, PhD, author of “Eating in the Light of the Moon,” who uses metaphor and archetypes to explore the concept of your inner mother.



  • Tina defines the term “nourishment” and Rachel expands on how she uses this theory in her private practice

  • Anita Johnston, PhD explains archetypes and how “mothering” is a verb not a noun

  • Anita teaches how we can identify our unmet needs by exploring the foods we crave and offers her free PDF so you, too, can use metaphor to pinpoint your needs

  • Anita gives us a great directive on identifying our top 3 emotional needs and Rachel explores the fears that impact our ability to get our needs met

  • Takeaway question: List 3 things that you wished your mother had given you and didn’t? Then write “I need to” in front of each word so you can create your own inner mother and learn to meet those needs for yourself?

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