The New Crescent Moon Program

8 Week Program Starts

February 13, 2022

Private Group Program

from the comfort of your home


The New Crescent Moon Program

Do you need help understanding why you do what you do with food? You’ve come to the right place, I can help you!

In this course we begin with shedding new light on the struggle with eating and food. So you can see it differently. And find meaning and hope for recovery..

In the soft, reflective light of the New Crescent Moon you’ll find what is buried beneath your eating difficulties. Hidden from view. Until now.

Using metaphors and ancient wisdom stories, we reframe the struggle. We shine light on the truth that there’s nothing wrong with you (and there never was!) You’ll have a ton of “aha” moments. Find relief from dieting and food battles. And see a way out



with Anita Johnston, Ph.D



February 13, 2022


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