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Want to know why you are doing what you are doing with food?

Tired of hating your body?

Do you want to break free from the struggle?

After over 35 years, I continue to be passionate about working with women from around the world who are seeking freedom from struggles with eating and body image.

I have seen thousands of women fully and completely recover. I know it is totally possible and I feel so fortunate to have a front row seat — where I get to see them step into a life beyond their wildest dreams. So if you are someone who wants to learn how break free from negative body image and transform your relationship with food…


Come work with me.

Individual Sessions

I am available for one on one video conferencing sessions for individuals who want to find the deeper meaning to their struggle with eating and body, gently exploring the underlying issues through the lens of metaphor, and discovering what’s behind their urges or fears around particular foods. I guide them in listening to the body’s wisdom, to free themselves once and for all from the misery of what they are doing with food or exercise.

As a Certified Eating Disorder Supervisor, I provide professional consultation to those interested in my approach.

Sessions are offered virtually via Zoom or Phone

Cost is $225 per 50 minute session

Workshops & Retreats

I offer a variety of soul-filled Day-long Workshops and Week-long Retreats designed to nurture your body, feed your soul, and transform your personal and professional life beyond your wildest dreams. When women gather in circle they step into the field of immense possibility.  Magic happens.  Healing occurs.

In Women’s Circle Workshops, we access the archetypal Inner Feminine to connect with ourselves and others at the deepest levels — so we can be truly nourished and healed in all aspects of our lives.

Professionals Training Retreats include cutting edge teachings to take your work to a whole new level, geared to advanced and beginning practitioners in the eating/exercise/body image field.  These intellectual infusions, combined with a direct connection to the deep Feminine, allow you to return to your practice with renewed vitality and techniques and approaches to use one-on-one or in groups.

Speaking & Training

I am available to do professional trainings and in-services to treatment centers, conferences, professional organizations, colleges and universities, and also offer speaking to the general public.

Some of the topics I have offered in the past include:

  • Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Neuroscience in the Treatment of Eating Disorders
  • Using Myth, Metaphor, and Storytelling to Treat Eating Disorders
  • Body Talk: Using Metaphor to Treat Negative Body Image
  • Finding Hope and the Joy of Recovery
  • Why Can’t I Stop Eating?

Join me over at

The Light of the Moon Café

The courses in the Light of the Moon Café are based on my best selling book, Eating in the Light of the Moon.

At the Café, the book chapters come to life with lively audio and video recordings of me telling the stories and metaphors from the book. Plus, there are brand new chapters that have not yet been published! The daily activities of each week focus on the corresponding book chapters and are designed to help you take the material deeper in your understanding of how these concepts play out in your personal life.

The interactive forum is much like an online book club and virtual support circle — where women from around the world gather to discuss the book chapters and share their experiences and reactions.  I respond to questions and comments via the forum and live calls.

“There’s a moon inside every human being.
Learn to be companions with it.
Give more of your life to this listening.”


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