Soul Union

A Powerful Workshop for Women

A powerful workshop for women with Anita Johnston, Ph.D, an internationally renowned story-teller, speaker, and the author of Eating in the Light of the Moon. Through her passionate, energetic story-telling of myths and metaphors from around the world, Anita teaches about the archetypal energies of the woman’s soul.

In this powerful one-day workshop, Anita will explore how to balance and unite the
inner Masculine and Feminine.

What is the Inner Marriage?

The Inner Marriage is the union between the Feminine and Masculine energies that are within us. These are energies within all of us, regardless of gender. For example…

The Feminine is the part of us that:

  • is still and receptive
  • is emotional, intuitive, and instinctual
  • gravitates towards inner ways of knowing
  • values relationships and connection

The feminine’s task is to be the vessel that contains our deepest truth, our vision, our essence.

The Masculine is the part of us that:

  • is active and goal oriented
  • is direct, willful, and focused
  • likes facts, figures and logic
  • values autonomy, individuality, and linear thinking

The masculine’s task is to be a vehicle that can boldly carry our truth into the world — in a clear, straightforward way.

In eastern philosophies, these forces are called Yin (feminine/receptive)

and Yang (masculine/active).

Soul Union:

Creating the Inner Marriage

Both of these energies are important, and in fact vital, for our wholeness. Neither is good nor bad, but an imbalance of one over the other is not effective for us. In our culture today, we have come to value masculine qualities over the feminine. We reject our feelings as irrational rather than valuable. We have been encouraged to dominate, control and judge our feminine natures, and often reject and suppress our dreams and intuitions.


This workshop will help women to balance these energies within. We will see that in an ideal balance, these two energies complement each other like a perfect marriage. They support and honor each other so we can live from our Soul, having a full and deep life. Here, you know the truth of who you are, and are able to carry forth your passion into the world.

For example, in an ideal balance:

When the Feminine within us says, “I’m lonely,” the Masculine side takes action and sits down to write a letter to a friend.

When the Feminine produces a dream, the Masculine translates and organizes it.

When the Feminine says, “I am hungry,” the Masculine responds by getting and preparing food or by asking, “Is this physical or emotional hunger?”

When these energies are in balance, we experience a divine marriage within us, a true union of the Soul.


Join us for this dynamic, fun, and
deeply nourishing workshop!


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