Tending the Feminine Psyche

A Professional Workshop & Training for Women Treating
Eating, Exercise & Body Image Disorders

How are we informed by the Sacred Feminine through our symptoms?

Here we explore Soul, Nourishment and Consciousness in the Treatment of Eating Disorders, integrating Embodied Movement, Dreams, Ritual, Mythology, Cosmology, Neurophysiology and Quantum Mechanics…
as related to the Feminine Psyche.

Into the Deep Feminine Soul…

We leave the ‘civilized world’ behind and follow Tending the Feminine Psyche directly into the thrilling, grounded intelligence of the lectures, where Powerpoint is replaced by journal and art, where ‘suits’ mean swimming suits, in these “barefoot style” conferences. The topic emphasis in each retreat is always immersed in a profoundly safe, sacred, and dynamic methods of learning. Outdoor adventures every day take us into unspeakable beauty, while inner adventures through daily dance and expressive writing, art and music connect us to a soul-center awaiting connection. Descend into the body-soul through delicious farm-to-table meals, body therapies, meditation and the remembering of Tending your Feminine Psyche.


Beginning every morning with joyful movement or dance…

Daily teaching on strategies for treating eating, exercise, & body image issues

Exploring issues pertinent to residential treatment or outpatient practice….

Discussing cutting edge concepts regarding ego states & soul work, feminine spirituality & archetypes…

Cosmology & physiology, neurobiology & quantum physics….

Ocean breezes, brilliant sunsets, illuminating moon rises…

Swimming, hiking, waterfalls, snorkeling, kayaking…

Time for massage, meditation, shopping…

Evenings with storytelling, mythology, and dream work…


Fantastic multi-cultural natural, farm-to-table cuisine designed to nourish with vegan through meat inclusive options.


Retreats are typically held in pristine yet rustic, community style centers with expansive open-air, wood-floor meeting spaces, lush forests, gardens and lawns, paths to the sea, where nature abounds. Each location offers a sacred setting and space to allow deeper connection to nature, ourselves, and each other.

Your Leaders

Anita Johnston,


Author of Eating in the Light of the Moon and co-founder of Light of The Moon Cafe, will teach how to become fluent in storytelling and storylistening, how to use metaphor as an aspect of your own work professionally and personally, and how to find meaning in the life stories you inhabit. Using archetypal psychological principles and indigenous wisdom, expand your own access to inner realms of the deep feminine – realms outside of linear thinking and three-dimensional space and time – realms which will enrich your own life and your sessions with patients.

Francie White,


Mixes practical ideas advancing nutrition therapy with fundamentals about the science of consciousness (PhD candidate in consciousness-studies). She will bring profound teachings about the new mind-brain science that opens new paradigms in understanding the power of human consciousness in co-creating transformative leaps in individual and planetary evolution while finding a path to the heart of the sacred. Francie brings life to client-sessions about recovery blocks, how to navigate through them and prevent burn-out through  processes that inspire recovery.

Carolyn Costin


Author of The Eating Disorder Sourcebook, 100 Questions and Answers About Eating Disorders, and The 8 Keys to Recovery will focus on advanced techniques in therapy sessions that use mindfulness. Her unique use of mindfulness principles sets the clinician free from getting hooked into patients’ stories, sucked into dramas, and caught up in their own agendas. Bring your difficult cases and your difficult self as Carolyn’s demonstration sessions will focus on how, time and time again, you can take the path toward transformative moments in your professional and or personal work.

Upcoming Workshops

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November 3-8, 2019

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